Enhanced Sanitation Solutions

Sanitation made simple.

Sanitation by design. It’s not a reaction. It’s not a fad. It’s what Manitowoc has built into every ice machine for decades. From the color of the plastics we use (white to better identify contaminants), to a front-facing evaporator for easy access and thorough cleaning, to the LuminIce® II UV growth inhibitor, Manitowoc designs and builds ice machines with food safety in mind.

We understand that hardworking restaurant, bar and foodservice employees are focused on their customers, and they probably don’t think much about ice machines. So, we design machines that make clean up easy – no special brushes, ladders, or frustrating and confusing instructions to follow. 

We’ve created this page to make it even easier for you. On this site you’ll find the information you need to keep your ice machine running smoothly, and most importantly, producing clean, safe ice that you’ll be proud to serve your guests!
Sanitation Simplified

Enhanced Sanitation through Built In Features  

Advanced Controller
Rounded Corner
Toolless removal

Manitowoc has the widest offering of enhanced sanitation solutions built into their ice machines. 

Hinged door to prevent contamination Who knew hinges could be a sanitation feature? Unlike other manufacturers who require you to completely remove the front panel, the Indigo NXT has hinges, so you don’t need to set it aside and risk exposure to contaminants when performing regular de-scaling and sanitizing.

Front-facing evaporator design for easier cleaning Easy and safe access to clean. Other manufacturers’ models either require a ladder and even a special a 3-foot brush to descale the evaporator from the top! Many require you to move equipment to gain access from the sides. 

Rounded corners make regular wipe-downs easy and prevent contaminants from building up in hard-to-reach corners. 

Sealed food zone to keep contaminants out You won’t find more robust food-zone sealing than in the Indigo® NXT. Both the front door and the top of the food zone are sealed with heavy-duty rubber gaskets, which effectively keeps contaminated air out.

No tools required for detailed cleaning When performing a detailed cleanings on both Indigo NXT and Neo, all the component parts that need to be removed for sanitizing and de-scaling can be removed in a matter of minutes—without the use of tools.

AlphaSan is a silver-based antimicrobial additive incorporated into food zone plastics that protects against odors, discoloration and other problems caused by microbial contamination. Works by releasing a silver ion exclusively in conditions that are conducive to bacterial growth.

DuraTech® exterior resists smudging and corrosion, and cleans easily.

LuminIce II
Sealed foodzone

Enhanced Sanitation through Add On Features  

LuminIce II
LuminIce® II
Creates "active air" by recirculating the air inside the ice machine food zone over a UV light. This "active air" passes over exposed food zone components to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other common microorganisms.

LuminIce II Install Video - Watch now >
Cleaner and Sanitizer
Manitowoc Sanitizer and De-scaler
Cleaner/De-scaler removes lime scale and mineral deposits from machine components. Sanitizer is used at least once every six months to remove algae, biofilm growth and to disinfect the machine. Meets EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (cause of COVID-19).

Check out our EPA Sanitation Flyer >

Automatically de-scales your ice machine so you have more time to focus on your business and your customers are served the clear ice they crave.

iAucs Install video - Watch Now >

Arctic Pure
Arctic Pure®
This two-stage system removes sediments like sand, rust and dirt. In stage two, the water filter traps microorganisms, polymers, chlorine and minerals to ensure a better tasting ice.
Multi Mount Scoop Holder
MultiMount External Scoop Holder
The multi-mount external scoop holder is NSF commercial grade ABS plastic and metal. Can be mounted in 7 different ways and goes together without tools, hanging on the bin or a wall.

Sanitary Scoop
D-Bin Scoops
Sanitation doesn’t stop after the ice is made. D-bin scoops help to prevent unintentional exposure to ice with thumb and knuckle guards.


Enhanced Sanitation through Best Practices  

Shutdown and Restarting Procedures - 

For shutting down and restarting an ice machine, follow the key steps below:
Or watch this video>

Shutdown procedures
  • Remove the ice from the bin
  • Remove internal parts for de-scaling and sanitizing
  • De-scale and sanitize components
  • When the sanitation cycle has ended turn off water supply, disconnect the drain and incoming water line and empty the water trough.
  • Disconnect from electrical power
Start-up procedures
  • Reconnect the inlet and outlet water lines
  • Turn water back on - check there are no leaks!
  • Plug the machine in 
  • Open the door and press the clean button, when prompted " Make ice after cycle complete", add Sanitizer solution when prompted 
  • Close Door and tighten. Ice machine will automatically go to the ice making mode.
Please refer to guidelines outlined in each specific product manual for detailed instructions.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Resources:

Expert Corner Blog: Why LuminIce II UV light sanitation solution? 

Sanitation Summary Flyer A simple one page summary of key sanitation accessories.


Assorted documents related to product cleaning and sanitation accessories:

Neo detailed cleaning and sanitation interactive site 
Indigo detailed cleaning and sanitation interactive site

Enhanced Sanitation through Quick Ship Program  

Manitowoc ice machines and accessories are available for immediate shipment via our network of stocking distributors. (US and Canada only)

Sanitation Made Simple

iAuCS Installation

Indigo NXT - Sanitation

Indigo NXT Detailed Cleaning & Sanitation

Indigo NXT Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

Luminice II Installation

LuminIce II - Virus and Bacteria Inhibitor

NEO™ Cleaning Procedure

RFF/RNF Cleaning

Sotto Cleaning Video


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