Indigo NXT Series Ice/Beverage Series 1020C Remote Ice Cube Machine

with Patented CVD Technology®

IB Series QuietQube® Remote System consists of a remote condensing unit, interconnecting refrigerant lines, ice machine head section along with a countertop dispenser, or ice storage bin. All ordered separately.
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  • Acoustical Ice Sensing Probe
    • Unique patented technology allows for reliable operation in challenging water conditions and environments.
  • Available LuminIce® II Growth Inhibitor
    • Control the growth of bacteria and yeast within the Food zone keeping the machine cleaner longer. A NEW indicator in the display keep you abreast of the operation status.
  • Commercial Warranty
      • Ice Maker - 3 Year Parts and Labor
      • Evaporator - 5 Year Parts and Labor
      • Compressor - 5 Year Parts and 3 Year Labor
  • DuraTech® Exterior
    • Provides superior corrosion resistant above stainless steel. Stainless finish with innovative clear-coat resists fingerprints and dirt making it easier to keep clean.
  • Easy to Clean Foodzone
    • Lift off front door for easy access. Removable water-trough, distribution tube, curtain, water probe and water pump for fast and efficient cleaning. Selected components are made with AlphaSan® antimicrobial.
  • easyTouch® Display
    • New icon based touch screen takes the guess work out of owning and operating an ice machine.
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
    • Provides 24 hour preventative maintenance and diagnostic feedback for trouble free operation.
  • Programmable Ice Production
    • Now its super easy to program your ice machine to be off at certain times of the day to save money with fluctuating electrical rates. Also programmable by daily ice production volume.
  • Quiet Operation
    • Eliminates most noise from the refrigeration system. Promotes a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Space-Saving Design
      • Up to 1150 lbs. (522 kgs.) daily ice production in narrow 22" footprint eases sanitation procedures for the ice storage area and beverage valves.
      • Also allows for convenient manual loading of ice in dispenser to satisfy peak ice usage.
      • Can be installed or retrofitted to virtually any commercial beverage dispenser.
      • Only 14" (35.56 cm) deep, 22" (55.88 cm) wide, and 30.5" (77.50 cm) high.
W x D x H 22" x 14" x 301/2"
55.9cm x 35.6cm x 77.5cm
Weight 148 lb
67.1 kg
Power Output N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 115-120 V x 60 Hz x 1 PH
Energy Use 4.5 kWh/100lbs ice
Certifications AHRIAutoQuotesCA Low LeadCECULNSF
Arctic Pure® Water Filters
Reduces sediment and chlorine odors for better tasting ice.
Schedules and performs routine ice machine cleaning automatically.
LuminIce® II Growth Inhibitor
Reduces yeast and bacteria growth for a cleaner ice machine.

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INDIGO NXT - Ice/Beverage Series IBT1020C - 50Hz Remote Ice-Beverage Cube Machine

INDIGO NXT - Ice/Beverage Series 1020C Remote Ice Cube Machine


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