Specialty - Correctional Ice Cube Machine

Correctional Ice Cube Machines

Correctional model ice cube machines are available for selected Indigo NXT Series air, water, and remote cooled models.  Correctional models have no removable plastic on the outside of the machine, stainless steel top, back and front panels, and tamper-proof screws for both front panel and back cover which require a special tool for removal.

When ordering special Correctional model, note that suffix “P” differentiates this model from standard Indigo™ NXT Series ice machines.  Correctional ice machines are offered with Dice ("D") ice only. Correctional models perform the same as the base models.  Click on the base models below to see peformance specifications. 

Indigo NXT  IDT0450 Air and Water, 115 v
Indigo NXT IDT0620 Air and Water , 115v
Indigo NXT IDT0750 Air, 220v 1 phase
Indigo NXT IDT1200 Air and Water , 220v, 1 phase 
Indigo NXT IDT1500 Air and Remote, 220v, 1 phase
Indigo NXT IDT1900 Air, 220v, 1 phase.  Remote available in 220v,  1 & 3 phase 

Macro Values (These are set programatically in the App_Code/Manitowoc/Classes/Manitowoc.cs under ProductHelpers.SetProductMacros()
ProductNodeAliasPath: /Products-Parts-and-Accessories/Products/Manitowoc-Ice/Speciality/Correctional/Specialty-Correctional-Ice-Cube-Machine
ValidVariantIDs: 41557
ValidSkuIDs: 41562
DocAssetList: ehizt|jivhm|orpfp|lqmhr|izhas|dmghy
ImgAssetList: jggcjc|xrxdyp|mtdvlb
Features: /Products-Parts-and-Accessories/Products/Manitowoc-Ice/Speciality/Correctional/Specialty-Correctional-Ice-Cube-Machine/%
Categories: modular
Attributes: aircooled|dicecube
Brands: mii
Related Products:
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DisplayFeatures: True
DisplayTechSpecs: True
DisplayAccessories: False
  • No Plastic on outside of machine.
  • Stainless steel side panels with stainless steel louvers for air-cooled models.
  • Tamper-proof screws. Different screw head design for ice machine front panel and back cover. Both require special bit for removal. Bits supplied with ice machine startup package.
  • Stainless steel top and front panels.
  • Standard Indigo Series Features
    • • EasyRead Display
      • Easy to Clean Foodzone
      • Optional LuminIce™ Accessory inhibits growth of yeast,
      bacteria and other micro-organisms
Specialty - Correctional Ice Cube Machine
W x D x H " x " x "
cm x cm x cm
Weight lb
Power Output N/A
Power Input Type None

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Quick Reference Guide

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SDS Cleaner

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Specification Sheets

Correctional Ice Machine Spec Sheet


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