BG-0260A Large Gourmet Ice Machine

Featuring the crystal clear "Big Shot" ice cube

Intorducing the BG-0260 "Big Shot" ice cube machine. The BG-0260 produces over 2,000 crystal clear 60g large gourmet cube daily, the perfect cube to compliment any high end drink. 



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  • Built to Last
    • Heavy duty stainless steel cabinet resists corrosion. Easy access door, slides up and out of the way.
  • Commercial Warranty
    • 3-years parts and labor
  • Ice Production
    • Up to 313 lbs. (142 kg) or 2,000 cubes of daily production
  • Ice Storage
    • Up to 143 lbs. (65 kg) or over 1,000 cubes of ice storage capacity
  • Large Gourmet Cube
    • Crystal clear, large gourmet "Big Shot" cube weighs 60g and is 2" tall x 1-1/2" wide x 1-3/4" thick making it ideal for a drink on the rocks with a single cube.
BG-0206A Large Gourmet Cube / Air-cooled
BG-0260A Large gourmet ice machine features the crystal clear 60g "Big Shot" ice cube
W x D x H 341/4" x 271/2" x 421/4"
87cm x 69.9cm x 107.3cm
Weight 163.1 lb
74 kg
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 115-120 V x 60 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications AHRIAutoQuotesCECULISO 9001:2008NSF
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Big Shot Brochure

Full Line Brochure

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BG0260 - Air-cooled 1ph Wiring Diagram

Owner Instruction Manual

BG0260 Installation, Use and Care Manual

Parts Catalog List

BG0260 Parts

Service Manual

BG Model Ice Machines

Service Bulletin

MII_SB_0007 - BG0260A Technical Specifications

Specification Sheets

BG0260 Spec Sheet


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