LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor

Cleaner Ice Machine Foodzones

The LuminIce device runs quietly 24 hours a day keeping your ice machine cleaner and helping to relieve the stress and pain of frequent cleanings. Reduced cleanings ultimately saves labor time, cost, and machine downtime during the cleaning process.

The LuminIce Growth Inhibitor creates "active air" by recirculating the air inside the ice machine food zone over a UV light. This "active air" passes over exposed food zone components to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other common microorganisms.

Foodservice operations can often be in challenging environments where it is difficult to prevent yeast, mold and other microorganism contamination. With LuminIce II, testing has shown that ice machine foodzones are noticeably cleaner after only 2-1/2 months of usage.

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  • Easier Cleaning
    • Reduced slime build up speeds theregularly scheduled cleaning process.
  • Easy to Use
    • No chemicals to add or maintain. Only a simple UV bulb change is recommended once a year to maintain effectiveness. Note: bulb change reminders can be programmed into the Indigo display.
  • Optional LED Remote Status Indicator Available
    • Order separately part #K-00455
  • Reduced Yeast and Bacteria Growth
    • Proven byindependent lab testing to inhibit the growth of yeast and bacteria for a cleaner foodzone.
  • Space Saving Design
    • Device mounts inside the Indigo Series ice machine preserving space clearances in tight areas.
  • Warranty
    • 3-year warranty covering all parts and labor from the date of original installation (UV bulb is excluded from this warranty). UV Bulb replacement part warranty 90 days.
Factory Built-in Option
Factory Built in LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor available pre-installed on selected models. (Add "X" prefix to the end of the Indigo Model number. Other models can be fitted with convenient after market kit
W x D x H " x " x "
cm x cm x cm
Weight lb
Power Output N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Certifications AutoQuotesCEISO 9001:2008NSFUL
LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor Kit for Indigo i-300 to i-1200, and QuietQube i-680C to i-1070C.
Power Output N/A
LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor Kit for Indigo IB Series, QuietQube i-1470C, i-1870C, i-2170C and 48" i-1406 and i-1800 models.
Power Output N/A
LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor Kit for U Series (NEO®) Undercounters
Power Output N/A
Remote Luminice II LED indicator
Power Output N/A

Brochure & Sell Sheets

Indigo Brochure

Owner Instruction Manual

LuminIce 2 Installation, Use and Care Manual

Specification Sheets

LuminIce II Spec Sheet


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