Sanitation by Design

Author:  Kelly Forshier - Field Services Manager
Earlier this year my colleague, Dave Baker, launched our blog series with a piece titled, “Copper to the Core.”  It was an informative piece that illustrated how copper’s inherent heat transfer properties result in more effective and efficient ice production.  It got me thinking about how those characteristics result in ice machines built and designed with sanitation at their core.  From the white plastics we use to quickly identify contaminant growth, to isolated and tightly sealed food zone to maintain the cleanliness and purity of the ice, Manitowoc designs and builds ice machines with sanitation and food safety in mind
Front-facing EvaporatorsFront-view-Indigo-NXT-no-water-shield-(3).jpg
One of the most important features of many Manitowoc ice machine models is the front-facing evaporator.  Because Manitowoc uses copper as the core element of its evaporators, it can produce ice more quickly with less surface area required and energy consumed.  
This design feature has numerous benefits, the most notable of which is the ability to safely and easily inspect the evaporator without removing a top panel and peering down at the evaporator from above. In foodservice operations with limited space and ceiling heights it may be difficult to effectively clean this critical part of the machine.  The ability to view the evaporator while standing on the ground or while in front of the unit allows the operator to de-scale and sanitize the machine without special equipment such as long brushes or ladders, even if it’s stacked on top of a dispenser.


A Sanitation System
I like to think of all the Manitowoc sanitation features working together in a system – each supporting the other to elevate the overall performance.  One of the key parts of this system is the hinged door on many models of the Indigo® NXT.  These hinges not only make servicing the machine easier, but when the operator is accessing the machine the door is not set on a dirty floor or a dusty shelf where they can be directly exposed to contamination.  Cleaning and sanitizing instructions are also located on the inside of the door, easily viewed for anyone servicing the machine. 

Another key part of the system are the rounded corners of the plastics in the modular machines.  Have you ever dropped your phone between your car seat and the center console?  If you have, you know the frustration of not being able to reach it, and sometimes discovering a month-old french fry.  Unfortunately, some ice machines have tight crevice’s and corners that make cleaning difficult. 

That’s not an issue with rounded corners on Manitowoc machines.  Combined with the AlphaSan® anti-microbial agent to delay bacterial growth, and white plastics to identify growth, you can be confident in the effectiveness of your wipe downs.  One quick note:  even though it’s not part of the machine design, Manitowoc Sanitizer can be diluted and used as a disinfectant spray.  This product meets EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.
We all know that the easier something is to do, the more likely we are to do it.  With that in mind, Manitowoc designs machines with easy to use, automated cleaning tools built in.  From “one-touch” cleaning on Neo ® and Countertop Nugget machines, to the interactive and intuitive display on the Indigo NXT, Manitowoc ice machines are designed to take the complications and guesswork out of cleaning.  Foodservice operators are too busy to flip switches, wait 60-seconds, flip the switch again, wait again…in the meantime your customers want service! 

Next Level Sanitation
While it’s an optional feature, LuminIce II is designed to be seamlessly integrated into Neo® and Indigo NXT ice machines.  This means that there are no wires or components that hang off the machine or possibly create openings for contaminants to enter the machine. 
LuminIce II is an ultraviolet light-based sanitation solution that subjects air to certain spectrums UV light.  This light (254 nm) destroys the molecular bonds of the DNA of viruses and bacteria present in the air.   According to Science Daily, this is a common application for the treatment of personal protective equipment in the medical field.  The LuminIce II product then treats the air with a 185 nm wavelength light to create “active air” which inhibits the growth of bacteria and coronavirus.  This product is frequently used in operations where yeast and dust are prevalent, but the sanitizing benefits of this feature can benefit nearly any foodservice operation.  This is particularly true when paired with iAuCS® to automatically de-scale with scheduled frequency to suit the busy operator’s needs.
 Image: LuminIce II installed (left)
Sanitation by Design
I began my career working as a technician for my father’s refrigeration business in the late 70’s, and I’ve seen the best and the worst of sanitation when it comes to ice machines, and I’ve seen many cleaning “wonder products” come and go.  The reality is that when it comes to sanitation, one gadget isn’t enough, you need to incorporate sanitation into the design of the machine – a hinged door, front-facing evaporator, rounded corners.  In other words, a system to keep ice, and ice machines safe! 
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