Luminice II

Author:  Murray Meyer

Last month’s blog post focused on the role of innovation at Manitowoc.  One of the most impactful drivers of innovation was the introduction of Luminice® and Luminice® II.  While cleaning and sanitation have always been critically important in the foodservice industry, you don’t need to search far to find news articles on bacteria-laden ice from neglected ice machines.  It’s not that business owners and operators don’t care about having clean ice machines, its often a matter of either not being aware that bacteria can form in a cold environment, or that as long as the machine is making ice everything is fine.  Even though certain restaurants have a higher susceptibility for bacterial growth, known as “bio-film” (often due to yeast from baking breads, pizza crusts, and even serving beer), no operation is immune from this unpleasant phenomenon.  Certain bacteria thrive in cold damp locales, but there are easy to use, cost-effective, and efficient tools available to help ensure that your customers are getting fresh, clean ice. 

Manitowoc ice machines have long been designed for ease of cleaning.  With a front-facing evaporator on most models, rounded corners for easy wipe downs, a one touch cleaning button and a host of other features, these machines were designed with the busiest restaurant operations in mind.  But not every restaurant environment is the same.  Locations where bread is baking, where there are flour, dust and grease particles in the air should consider adding Luminice II to their ice machines.

Why Luminice II?
Luminice II is the only internal, fully integrated, automatic UV gas air solution available in the market today.  If you didn’t order it with your Indigo® NXT or Neo® machine, it can be easily installed by a qualified technician in less than 30 minutes with an aftermarket kit.  It works by pulling air from the bulkhead of the ice machine and sterilizing it with a 254 nm wavelength UV light.  The air is then exposed to a 185-nanometer deep UV light wavelength light.  This critical step creates photo plasma gas, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. 

The results?  A food zone that stays cleaner longer with easier and faster wipe downs and a machine that takes less time to clean.  Additionally, clean ice machines perform better, and last longer.  If that’s not enough convincing, it can also save money.  Many businesses find that they can reduce their cleanings by half.  For an operation that cleans its machines 4X annually at an average machine cleaning cost of $275, installing Luminice II could result in savings of $550/year.  With an upfront cost of $300, and with an annual $50 replacement of the UV bulb, you will see nearly immediate payback, and could save over $4,600 over the life of the machine!  Additionally, you will have the reassurance that the machine will pass health inspections and avoid potential fines.  The results are in, Lumince II easily pays for itself.



Do you need Luminice II?
How much protection is necessary?  Every business has its own level of acceptable risk, but most successful businesses avoid risk where it is easy and cost-effective to do so.  We’ve just demonstrated that Luminice II is cost-effective, but is your operation really at risk?  It may depend on your business.  Many large QSRs require that their franchisees install Luminice II.  Other businesses, such as assisted living facilities and healthcarefacilities, where patients may have compromised immune systems, will want to use every resource available to them to eliminate the risk of a dirty ice machine.  Hotels, where periods of inactivity for the ice machine are not uncommon, can benefit as well, as Luminice II actively works to keep air moving and to prevent bacteria from building and congealing


The case for Luminice II
You invest in your business because you believe you are creating value for your customers and creating an enduring reputation for delivering excellent food, a comfortable environment, and a positive experience for your guests.  Think of Luminice II as your “Employee of the Month”.  The employee that is always there, working behind the scenes to make sure that things run smoothly and always creates a positive experience for your guests.  Best yet, this employee saves you money, and never asks for a day off!

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